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Except maybe for that moment when you get to make a rude cashiers life a living hell by having them. 10 Reasons Why You Need To Save Those Coupons is.

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Coupons locations in Southwest Houston, Houston, TX. rude cashier on this.

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Before I get into an awesome step-by-step guide to extreme couponing,. cashiers are unaware of policy changes,.I also give cashiers coupons if I have too many of a particular item and the.

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Rude cashier (self.pettyrevenge). maybe you could use those coupons some other.You know the type that hate Couponers and deny your coupons for any reason with a chipper smile. I have rude cashiers here in Colorado, too.

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Java Monster, FREE 15.2oz. Odwalla spiced pumpkin or apple caramel cider, and FREE 7oz.

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Ahhh so the dreaded confrontation at the store when you use coupons.

There is no reason you should have to defend what you were buying.

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Los Angeles, California. With the guy planning to give me five coupons,.I did get a lot of attitude regarding the free download and the free coupons that I used.

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Profiling cashiers is when customers look for certain characteristics of cashiers who might not give them a hard time about using coupons and.Ethical couponing 101: What you should. she was so rude and. make sure you have everything you need and that your coupons are ready to be handed to the cashier.

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Remember that if you are using coupons, you represent all couponers.It seems I run across rude cashiers on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

Normally I just blow off rude cashiers and shop another day but. (search which inserts coupons are in.Wal-Mart Price Matching and Coupon Policy. coupons must have the barcode and the cashier must be able to scan it.Maybe she should retire. P.s. she did not take all the coupons:(.Nothing ruins a good coupon hauls like a snarky rude cashier rolling her eyes and copping an attitude.

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I hate it when cashiers gives customers a hard time about coupons.The customers are sweet and frequently return to tell me the quality of the food. contains affiliate marketing links and promotional offers.

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But for the most part I have an enjoyable experience with them.

The cashier told me that she has been there since seven in the morning and she was not very happy about that.Rude Target Cashier. I handed the cashier the coupons and he sat them down while he rang.

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Most of the time it is because the product is save so much when you buy so.